09 December 2007

United Nations

I walked down to the United Nations today, first along the waterfront and then down through some really nice neighborhoods. I figured I had been in the city too long to have not visited the UN. I was disappointed by what I saw. The building was all run down and the interior was all... umm 1950's. The seats were all torn up and there were ash trays between the seats. There were some nice donations from various countries, but the place looks much more impressive on TV and in the movies. I took an overpriced tour and was the only American on the tour. I didn't learn too much except that the UN sets the standards for labeling chocolate and although the UN says it is illegal to sell knock off Gucci purses in Chinatown, NYC they can't do much about enforcing the rules much to the chagrin of a guy from Australia.
Great Assembly Room
UN buildings
Across the river
The earpiece for translations

Security Council Room
Ash trays in the UN
Where the press sits
Economic Counsel Room gift from Sweden

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  1. What??? That is so cool. I am jealous you got to see the UN. Wow, the perks of living in NY. I mean Houston has some WWII stuff, but that's about it!


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