19 July 2007

Chelsea Piers

Today instead of work the ITS group took us to Chelsea Piers for a "Super day." The morning was composed of firm updates, a speaker on dealing with personality and cultural differences, and a panel of partners answer any questions we might have. We had lunch which was composed of fancy burgers, hotdogs, french fries, grilled veggies, and cookies... and drinks. Then in the afternoon we had sporting events. We played sand volleyball, football toss, hot shot basketball, whiffle ball, rock climbing (my first time I really enjoyed it, but about half way up I started getting a little nervous), and a relay race. My team tied for first, woohoo! But my competitive side came out during the day and when your teammates are economists and accountants that haven't really ever played sports it wasn't the best situation. So I had to remember that everyone can't be as skilled as me, haha. The Chelsea Piers themselves were pretty cool. There was the golf driving range that you see in several movies, boats, and all kinds of sporting opportunities. The only bad part was it is on the opposite side of Manhattan from where I live and with the steam pipe explosion yesterday my normal trains weren't running their normal routes. I was in Cleveland for training Monday and Tuesday. Didn't get to see anything except- airport-hotel-denny's-hotel-training center- rock bottom brewery- hotel-training center-airport, but it was nice any how. I met a lot of people from other locations around the US and the hotel was nice, had a real bed and a/c unlike my current conditions.

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